Groundbreaking Research for the Global Community

As the second largest unit at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Newark contributes significantly to the University’s mission of creating new knowledge. 

Accomplished faculty from across the disciplines generate groundbreaking research that explores everything from the smallest cells of the human body to international policies that affect the global community.

Recent scholarship at Rutgers-Newark has:

  • Improved our understanding of neurological diseases
  • Shed new light on the organic composition of viruses
  • Investigated prejudicial real-estate practices
  • Analyzed the cultural effects of globalization and modernity

Rutgers-Newark’s fine arts instructors have produced:

  • Acclaimed poetry
  • New York Times best-selling fiction
  • Award-winning musical compositions

In addition, graduate and undergraduate students at Rutgers-Newark join in the pursuit of meaningful, original research, guided by faculty for whom discovery is a lifelong passion.

* Rutgers is the only public university in New Jersey in the Association of American Universities (AAU), a group comprising North America’s 61 leading research universities. Rutgers and Princeton are New Jersey’s only AAU members.